Smoothly polished with a strong metallic lustere and magnetism strong enough to erase data on credit cards, a product called »Power Magnet« is sold on mineral faires since the beginning of the millenium. Children enjoy playing with the oval magnets for the incisive chirping noise created by tossing them in the air. But what is this highly magnetic material made of?

Some dealers suspected that the magnets may consist of sintered, neodymium doped Hematite. X-ray diffraction (XRD) analysis of a powdered sample carried out by the EPI laboratory revealed a different result: »Power Magnets« are manufactured from almost pure strontium ferrite mixed with some barium ferrite. Hematite or any other natural minerals have not been found.


»Power Magnets« are a well known artificial sinter product used in many industry goods that require permanent magnets (e.g. fridge doors). The correct denomination is: Power Magnets (artificial product).